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Hi! My name is Jessica Connor and I’m the creator of the Your Youniverse Youtube Channel. I am thrilled and grateful for the number of people who are working to expand their consciousness, and for all the support we have received! As we continue to grow, it has become apparent that many people want to know who is working behind the scenes. So, here we are…

Although the term “law of attraction” is so popular, my belief is that the true power of each individual lies within their mind. But, for anyone who doubts that the law of attraction can be used to deliberately create and change their life, I will offer a bit of my personal background: As a child, I endured physical, emotional and mental abuse. By the time I was 17, I was homeless for quite some time. At 19, I had my first child. By my early 20’s, I was riddled with panic attacks and severe anxiety. From there, the only job I could hold was being a maid, and I soon found myself to be a single mother of two growing boys and “struggling” every day to survive. That’s certainly the short version….

During the time that I experienced my anxiety, it was the lowest I had ever felt. I sought therapy in many different forms, but none of them worked for me. I was fortunate enough to come across a gentleman that was certified in neuro linguistic programming, and this completely changed my life! Throughout the process of healing, I told myself that if I was able to overcome what had become a downward spiral of inner conflict, I would educate myself in every way possible and teach the same to others.

I decided to put myself through school while I cleaned homes. This journey led me to delve deep into studying the science of the mind, the law of attraction, quantum physics, nlp, metaphysics, the science of success, energy healing, universal laws, meditation and so many other wonderful modalities of healing. I eventually went from maid-to-doctor by earning my Ph.D. in Philosophy with a practitioner's license to counsel and a specialty in holistic life coaching. I am also an ordained minister of the Metaphysical Ministry. I literally took conscious control of my mind and changed my life and my circumstances in very drastic and abundant ways. 

I’ve spent the last several years counseling and coaching individuals into understanding new ways of training their mind to bring them every kind of success they can imagine. And, I’ve loved every minute of it! At this juncture, I feel that the youtube channel is where I have been led to reach the largest audience of people in need of a few “Aha!” moments that can change their life, and I have decided to dedicate the majority of my working time to this platform.


The channel has evolved quite a bit over the last two year. As of late, most all of the material you hear is written, narrated and produced by me. The male narrator from some of my older videos is my son Lee. Lee has been an intricate part of the Your Youniverse Youtube Channel and most recently helps run my membership site where we offer exclusive Law of Attraction Mindset Coaching material with the help of his brother, Carson. I feel very fortunate to have him as a member of the team. Not only does he narrate in a way that many find appealing, he is also well versed in video production and assists me with some of my social media as well. He is a delight to spend my days with and I am very proud of him for utilizing his gifts to assist in evolving all of us as a whole.

With all of that said, my young men and I are extremely grateful and humbled by the amount of support we have received. Our goal is to serve and assist anyone that is need of a life change, and we look forward to continually adding new material to remind you of the CREATOR you are. We also have many exciting things in the works behind-the-scenes, so stay tuned for announcements and updates! Thank you for watching my channel and visiting my site!



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