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If you want to impress your subconscious mind in the fastest way possible to increase your manifestation power, we highly suggest Meditation!  However, not all meditations are created equally.  Below are a few we have created to jumpstart your creations. We strive to create high-quality meditations with sound technology that impresses the subconscious mind in the most optimal way, for a super affordable price! These meditations take hours of commitment and precision to produce in a way that will manifest results FAST when dedication is applied. Enjoy!!
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This is a very powerful meditation,

produced in a way that deeply connects with the subconscious mind to increase the accuracy & time frame in which manifestations show up in your life. 
Purchase this MP3 here ►

Realize that this has been designed in a very deliberate manner so as to trigger your mind to search deeply for ways to produce ultimate outcomes for you.

In order to see results, it's very important to use this meditation daily for a minimum of 30 days.  After that, it's recommended to continue use for a minimum of 5 days per week for another 60 days. This is the time frame it takes for the subconscious mind to take the directive. Further listening will improve results.

"This is the newest meditation technology available and having personally used it, I can say the results are astonishing!" - Dr. Jessica Connor


Synctuition is truly groundbreaking audio technology that helps to increase the power of your intuition by utilizing realistic 3-dimensional sound during 60 amazing binaural beat journeys. To prove just how amazing it is, they give away their first few tracks FREE! The sound quality is like nothing ever marketed and will take you to another world instantly. Click HERE, or the picture to the left to start using your free tracks! 

Use these 125 law of attraction abundance affirmations to create more wealth and prosperity.  Through thinking and saying positive things about abundance, the mind alters and forms new beliefs regarding the ease in manifesting and attracting more money, success, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

Purchase this MP3 here

This recording uses law of attraction power affirmations and binaural beats to create subconscious patterns that attract money. It takes you down to a Delta State, which will allow the affirmations to enter directly into your subconscious mind. These affirmations, combined with binaural beats, are the best way to impress upon your subconscious mind if you wish to align with your desires in a more rapid manner thru the use of the law of attraction. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire!


The full 40 minute mp3 contains 150 power affirmations delivered on 2 simultaneous overlaid tracks for a total of over 1000 impressions. This type of recording requires meticulous detail to be completed accurately and is done so to ensure precision of results when practiced consistently. If you are interested in the full version, you can download it here ►

For anyone who uses the law of attraction to create what they want, this is an easy way to force the subconscious mind to manifest those things faster! Through the proper types of questions, this portion of the mind will seek ways to prove your desire exists and manifest it in physical reality. It creates more experiences to validate answering these questions as evidence of their existence. This is the reason it is so important to ask the appropriate styles of questions posed in a positive way.

This meditation track is produced with dual-induction sound technology for over 500 subliminal impressions that cue the subconscious mind to search for success. It effectively works much better than positive affirmations by creating movement within the mind that begins to validate that success. Through this type of questioning, the subconscious mind is allowed to reach into the depths of millions of possibilities within the Universe and bring your back the best possible route to get to what you want. You can purchase this track here

This law of attraction meditation is designed to disconnect the subconscious mind from lack and loss and reprogram beliefs of abundance. The first half of the meditation focuses on gently releasing any beliefs associated with unworthiness and lack. The second half of the mediation is dedicated to installing new beliefs that align with abundance, wealth, prosperity and worthiness.


This meditation track is produced with dual-induction sound technology for over 400 subliminal impressions that cue the subconscious mind to release and disconnect from lack and loss while reprogramming suggestions of abundance and wealth. You can purchase this track here:

This law of attraction meditation is designed to assist you in taking your desire from SPARK to FIRE and create it as a physical reality in your life. To manifest your desire, and attract it into your life, you simply need to nurture it into being. With the proper type of support from you, what you want has the chance to manifest as an experience in your life.

The meditation includes dual induction sound technology and subliminal messaging to work directly with your subconscious mind to manifest faster results. You can purchase this meditation here: 

Guided meditation to help you connect with your inner adviser for manifestation guidance. This law of attraction meditation will assist you in connecting with the intuitive part of you that has all the answers you need to manifest and create the life you want. The process of manifestation involves exploring and discovering our own inner wisdom, or what many refer to as the inner adviser, or higher self. This adviser is always there to assist you when you tune into it. This meditation will guide you to reach this intuitive part of you any time you wish. 

The meditation includes dual induction sound technology and subliminal messaging to work directly with your subconscious mind to manifest faster results. You can purchase this meditation here 

Breathing Affirmation Technique and Guided Meditation for Detachment and Rapid Manifestation. To breathe is to sustain life. There are many things we can live without, but breathing is not one of them. This guided meditation and breathing affirmation technique is extremely effective in creating detachment from over-thinking and producing rapid manifestation.

This works by aligning your body with your consciousness so you are able to release all feelings of limitation and create a space to attract and manifest what you desire through positive mental, spiritual and physical stimulation.

This meditation includes over 250 impressions, including subliminal impressions, to work directly with your subconscious mind to manifest faster results. Through this type of induction, and the messages given, the subconscious mind is allowed to release limitations that block your desires and embrace new beliefs that align with the creator you are for easier and more rapid manifestation. You can purchase this meditation here ►

Manifesting money doesn’t have to be difficult. Wealth is merely a means to new experiences and comforts, and the security and freedom it offers is generally what people truly want. The secret is to use the correct energetic application so we can allow money to be a part of our lives. This guided meditation will help you impress your subconscious mind, and your vibrational frequency, in a way that will help you manifest money and abundance in a much more effortless way. By impressing the mind with new information, the perception of money changes and opens up new ways for it to begin showing up. Everything around you responds to your feelings -- even money. Use this guided meditation and visualization to line up more quickly with having abundance as a part of your every day reality. You can purchase this mediation here

The Garden of Your Mind - Law of Attraction Guided Meditation  Your mind is a garden. It is the perfect foundation to spring forth life to any manifestation you choose. Whatever seeds you place in the garden of your mind is the creation that will come to be. Our seeds are planted by our conscious minds into the fertile soil of the subconscious mind. Use this guided meditation to enter into the garden of your mind, manicure your garden with intention, plant new thought seeds, eliminate any "weeds" that you no longer want, meet your "Master Gardener" for assistance and create more of what you want in your life. You can purchase this meditation here ►

Narration by Jess Shepherd of Rising Higher Meditation ➡

Purification Guided meditation for raising your vibration and clearing negative energy. The following guided meditation is intended to raise your overall vibration by clearing away any lower frequency energy you’re carrying. When we’re not carrying these lower frequency energies, we open ourselves to a whole new world of creative possibilities. This meditation will connect you with the authenticity of who you naturally – a high vibration being. By raising your vibration, you can more easily attract the things that match that state. This is a powerful, life-changing meditation. You can purchase this meditation here

Our Newest Meditations!

DNA activation is one great way to bring positive transformation and physical healing to your life. It assists in the release of inner conflict, increased physical health, enhanced intuition, positive emotional states, cleansing anxiety and alignment with our full manifestation potential. This is an extremely powerful meditation with 528Hz solfeggio (pure miracle tone) frequency that can radically change your life! Almost all people who go through this activation report much faster manifestation of the things they desire and being able to create what they want in a more powerful and dynamic way. You can purchase this meditation here

1000+ Affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind with self-confidence & success. This meditation will help you affirm your self worth and manifest the good life! When you affirm your self-confidence and self-esteem, you become more in tune with the positive things in the Universe and can more easily manifest success, good health, wealth, abundance, happiness & love. These affirmations will assist you in creating a more positive self-image. This meditation is created with subliminals and dual induction technology to impress the subconscious mind in the most optimal way. Believing in yourself is the secret to success! You can purchase this meditation here ►


Heal your body with your mind by using this Powerful Guided Meditation created to manifest full body healing and cell repair. ✅ This meditation is FREE for members of my website ➡

It is specifically designed to guide you to tap into Universal energy and the body’s innate healing capacity to repair any illness, pain, injury, anxiety or emotional trauma. This meditation can also be used for deep relaxation and to prompt your mind to heal your body while you sleep. You can purchase this meditation here


Law of attraction relaxing meditation music combined with binaural beats to increase personal magnetism, develop positive thinking, raise positive vibrations and remove negative blocks. This meditation music has a base solfeggio frequency of 396Hz to promote the turning of sorrow/grief into joy and to liberate the listener from negativity and fear. It starts with a binaural of 8 Hz and gradually ascends to 12 Hz, giving the brain time to adjust level by level to the ascension. 

This Positive Thinking meditation music uses a blend of alpha waves to gently cleanse your mind of negative thoughts. These soothing alpha waves help your mind relax, incite stress relief and stimulate visuals of potential while also keeping you alert enough to continue with your day. When used on a regular basis, you will achieve a more positive outlook on life and see a remarkable change in your own personal magnetism. This will assist you in manifesting positive changes and new opportunities, while dissolving anything negative that may have once been an obstacle. It also assists in connecting the two hemispheres of the brain to work in unison, remapping your subconscious mind, releasing endorphins that make you feel good and increasing positive beliefs about the self and the ability to be happy and abundant. You can purchase this meditation

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