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Exercise #1 - "100 Things"

The most basic rule of thumb in the Law of Attraction is think positively – not negatively. Positive brings good results — negative brings bad. I’m pretty sure we all have that part clear.

The next question becomes: How do I think positively when many things in my life are negative right now?

The answer is:  Deliberate mental distraction.

It seems almost impossible to go from a very negative state to a very positive one. However, there are many different ways to accomplish this mental transition.  Below is a quick and easy one that you can do in as little as 15 minutes.

When you feel yourself needing a mental readjustment, grab a pencil and paper or go right to your computer and open a word processing sheet.

Write down 100 things that you enjoy doing. This isn't a list of what you want to accomplish in your life, but rather a list of things that already evoke joy in you. 

For instance:

1. Your favorite vacation spot. 2. Having a night to yourself to read a great book . 3. A  rain storm that gives you no choice but to cuddle on the couch and watch tv all day. 4. Dinner at your favorite restaurant. 5. Playing your favorite sport. 6. A day on the beach. 7. Finding money somewhere unexpected. 8. Joking with your friends. 9. Singing and dancing around the room when no one is watching. 10. A warm bed on a cold night. 11. The first night with newly laundered  sheets.  12. The enjoyment of a very clean home. 13. The first sip of a really good cup of coffee. 14. The smell of your favorite flower.  15. The sound of children giggling uncontrollably.

Anyway, you get the gist of it. The point is to write down things that bring up feelings of fun, ease, joy and happiness.

This exercise stimulates emotions on the higher end of the scale -- the ones that attract more instances of happiness.  It raises the frequency that you emit, from one of negativity, to one of being much more calm, relaxed and appreciative.  In addition, if this exercise is practiced when negativity creeps in, the mind will begin to understand (automatically) that the negative switch isn't allowed to be turned on.  It will correct itself in a habitual and subconscious manner when repeated enough times consciously.  And THAT is what will begin to attract more joyous experiences into your life -- when your mind understands that it is to seek out more fun and happy times. 

Following steps:

1. Save the list so you can go back to it anytime you need a mental switch, or to add to it as your mind begins a pattern of seeking more things you enjoy. 

2. Pick one or two that you will do in the next few days as a reward to yourself.

If you can’t think of 100 things at this moment, even better. Your mind will want to finish the task and begin to spend its mental time searching for more of what you love. When you catch yourself thinking about upcoming bills, consciously choose to remember what's so great about what you have in your life. Instead of being angry with a person, delight in something nice that someone did for you.

The most important part of this exercise is not the actual list, but the exercise of consciously redirecting your thoughts to positive things as opposed to negative -- retraining your brain, if you will. Changing your negative thoughts will change any negative frequency that may be attracting more of the same to it.

Exercise #2 - Let Money Chase YOU!

This visualization process turns the tables on the energetic equation between money and those that seek to have more of it in their life.  Due to the freedom that the value of money offers, many people will spend a majority of their time “wanting” more of it.  This type of energy causes the mind to believe in its unavailability because a “want” is something that we don’t actually have; and believing that something is unavailable will produce just that.  It causes resistance that holds the object of that “want” away from us.


Once there is the realization that abundance is available for all, there is no longer a need to crave for things desired.   Additionally, creating the space for desired things, through the correct energetic application, offers an allowance of those things to show up in daily, physical existence. 


Step 1

Imagine that you are sitting in a beautiful field.  As an intricate part of Nature, there is nothing about this field that isn’t dripping in abundance and large quantities.  The hundreds of trees that outline the grass of this field hold thousands and thousands of leaves; there are millions of tiny insects that call this field home and literally billions of blades of grass as far as you can see.  As you sit in this field, you are able to realize the abundant manner in which Nature always operates.  Take a few moments to relish in the fact that you are also a part of the natural order of things, which clearly makes you an abundant being.

Step 2

Imagine that it begins to lightly rain.  Think of the millions and millions of rain drops that are beginning to fall on this field.  This is just another example of the way in which Nature is only capable of supplying in an abundant way. 

Step 3

As you sit in this field feeling the rain wash over you, begin to notice that this rain doesn’t feel wet.   This rain feels like paper, or fabric.  In fact, this rain (that comes from the abundance of Nature itself) is actually money falling all around you.  Feel it fall on your head and your shoulders.  Notice that it brushes past your face and that there are stacks of it beginning to accumulate in your lap.  Place your hands out to feel the fabric of this money between your fingers.  Pull several pieces up to your nose and smell its natural scent.  Hear how it sounds as it falls into piles and notice the quantity of money that has gathered around you. 


Step 4

Now, as odd as it may sound, you’re going to have a conversation with this money.  Nature has chosen to abundantly supply you with wealth and financial freedom; it has selected you as the perfect candidate.

The symbolic faces on the money surrounding you begin to ask if it’s ok if they can live with you.  Nature has told them that you are a good place for them to take up residence, and they each take turns asking if they may.  They want to make sure that they are safe, cared for and will be sent out into the world when it’s their time to be used in a productive way.  And, they have chosen you as the perfect host for this.

As you graciously allow each one of them the opportunity to stay with you, you hear more of them asking, “Can I come too?  What about me?  May I live with you also?”  Take a moment to nurture this money and tell it that you’d be happy to let it to come home with you.  Imagine each piece of money’s ecstatic response when it hears it has been chosen by you as a new member of your home.  It knows that you will care for it and allow it to perform what it’s designed to do.

Step 5

Realize how Nature has perfectly married you with this abundance, and be joyful in its flawless decisions.  It takes delight in offering grand supply to its entire offspring.  Offer gratitude for not only your gift, but for the fact that you are able to be such a good environment for this money to thrive in.  Show appreciation for the opportunity to take care of this money in the way it needs to be supported.

With this exercise, money is seeking you, rather than the other way around.  You’ve made yourself a good host; therefore, it desires YOU.  Stop to ponder whether you’ve ever considered this to be a possibility.  If you’ve endeavored to intentionally create money in your life, ask yourself how much power you give it.  The dance of energy between you and financial freedom is delicate due to any subconscious blocks that may be in the way.  Once your mind believes that money freely desires to be in your existence, you may find it showing up in ways you never dreamed of. 

Exercise #3 - Connecting With the Higher Self 

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This exercise is designed to remind you of who you really are. It's a way to connect with your Higher Self and to recall the loving, peaceful being that is authentically YOU. This exercise often has everlasting effects, as it removes the false identity of being less than the magnificent creator you are.

To begin, close your eyes and imagine the higher, spiritual part of you takes one giant step backwards out of your body & rises about two feet above you.

Envision that this loving being smiles down at the top of your head and puts their hands on your shoulders.


This Higher Self has been with you since the beginning of time. It absolutely loves you unconditionally and is never angry with you. It never criticizes you, and It understands every decision you have every made and the reason why you made it.

It laughs at the funny things you do, and smiles in loving encouragement as you stumble your way through things. It has no doubts in your ability to find all solutions as soon as you look in the right direction.

This higher being is All That Is. While you may sometimes forget your connection, it never does. It knows everything you have ever encountered, and It sees the overall picture. While your ego self might not know why you were supposed to meet a particular person today or be in a certain place at a certain time, this Higher Self knows exactly why. It knows the exact sequence of events that are going to stem from your experiences and the ways in which those experiences have the ability to bring you what you want.

There is nothing for you to ever have to do or say to earn Its love and guidance. This Higher Self is there unconditionally, and always will be. It sees you for the perfection that you are and can be called on at anytime to help remind you of it. It has a greater love for you than any human on this planet is capable of, and this love bigger than any parent, child, spouse or partner can give you all combined. You are never alone in this world and will never lack the feeling of being loved when remembering that this Self is always with you.

Now imagine that this Higher Self gives your shoulders a gentle, loving squeeze before stepping back down into your body. This is a reminder that It is always with you, and always within you. It is not in the heavens above you out of reach – nor ever outside of you – but within you always.

Now that your Higher Self is back inside your body, release any other thoughts that might be running through your head and focus on Its tremendous love. Imagine now that this same Higher Self that was behind you a moment ago is now in the back of your head. You may even be able to feel a tingle when you think about It. It is still smiling, still loving. Always peaceful and calm. You might start to feel the tingle run down the back of your neck or your back as you acknowledge this awesome, spiritual presence. This is you – your True, Authentic Self.

Try this exercise a few times a day when first discovering it. Eventually you will not need to imagine your Higher Self stepping in and out, you will just feel the tingle and remember this quite naturally.

Eliminate all thoughts  if possible and just focus on this loving, all-knowing Being back there smiling and supporting you in your endeavors. Silently listen to anything it might tell you. Know it will happily answer all of your questions if you brush your ego thoughts away and give it silent space to come in.

Remember that this Self always sees the bigger picture. It is never worried about little things like bills, or work or troubled relationships.  Your Higher Self is so big and so knowing that those things are nothing but a tiny speck in comparison to how big you really are.  This is the part of you that is always peaceful, and when you focus on it you can feel the peace that envelops your entire being and drowns out anything that may have been worrying you.

After awhile you will find that you can call on this feeling at will.  With practice, the moment any tensions might arise you will learn to automatically go to the back of your head and feel the deep peaceful feeling inside so you too can remember the bigger picture.

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