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Ever since my Youtube channel has taken off, which I attribute to the law of attraction :) , I'm approached ALL of the time from individuals and companies that want me to promote their products. At first, I shied away from this because I really don't want to endorse anything that I don't believe in personally. However, as time has gone on, I've been fortunate enough to test some of these products and talk with those that had a part in creating them so that I can understand the science behind how and why they work. Below are the products that I've chosen to endorse at this time. You can click each button or banner to learn more about each product.    Jessica  

F&M App

When Zack Jensen, app developer, asked me to be a part of this project, I was very excited! The app is F&M - Focused and Motivated, and it is available in the iTunes Store. Click on the image to get more information, and more motivation!

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